Steven Aguilera

F   i   l   m   m   a   k   e   r


Steven is not as of yet a member of the Writers Guild of America.

Since 2006, Steven has completed seven feature scripts and numerous short form screenplays, including all episode of One-Minute Scares.


Feature-length script examples available upon request.

If need be, download each by right-clicking and selecting “Save link as…”


Genre: Supernatural Thriller

Format: Feature (109 pages)

Logline: A beheaded woman is found on a perfect circle of dead grass in a San Francisco park. Buried beneath are found more bodies, human and animal, extending back to when life on Earth began. What is the source of this ancient magnet for death and how do investigators defeat its mysterious and deadly source?

Synopsis: A mortician/Vietnam vet discovers a body in a San Francisco park within a round patch of lifeless earth. A homicide detective finds a second body beneath, which was beheaded ninety years earlier. It exhibits no decomposition since not even a germ can survive within the circle. With further excavation, the basement of a demolished cottage is breached. Deeper down are many mummified bodies from primitive man to extinct beast. Exposure to this dead circle causes cumulative physical and mental deterioration of the investigators. Next is found a massive, stone slab. Its perfectly round shape suggests it to be the source of everything dead above it. They realize that its purpose is to seal a round, ghastly pit, which in some strange way, seems to draw death to itself. Exposure is instant and lethal, culminating in a desperate effort to block its plague of death from escaping and spreading across the Earth.

The Devil’s Grave has been doing the festival circuit and screenplay competitions for the past year, winning numerous awards including:

  • Best Feature Script | Independent Horror Movie Awards 2022
  • First Place | FANtastic Horror Film Festival 2022
  • Best Mystery Script | L.A. Sci-Fi & Horror Festival 2022

An early, less fleshed-out version has also been read on Chilling Tales for Dark Nights and Lady MCreepsta’s YouTube/podcast channels.


Genre: Creature-feature with comedic undertones

Format: Standalone TV Anthology Episode (34 pages)

Logline: Creatures invade the house of an extreme hoarder. Does he get help and expose his revolting existence or let them feed on the filth that imprisons him and risk becoming their next meal?

Synopsis: Archibald Boyle lives in that creepy house on the block that all the kids are afraid of. His windows are covered in foil from the inside and no neighbor has set eyes on him in decades. Twenty-five years earlier his grandparents killed themselves, leaving him a house filled to the ceiling with junk. A violent seismic event fractures the foundation of his basement where many years of rotting garbage accumulate. The fumes and leaking juices attract burrowing ogre-like creatures who have been feasting on decaying flesh from the cemetery near his house for decades. Only marginally more disgusting than Boyle himself, the ogres find paradise in his home, which is perpetually dark, rich with food, filled with nesting material, and without significant human interference. As more of his house is cleared, he uncovers the secrets hidden in the disarray which reveal the true fate of his family.

The Ogre’s Nest, in short-story format, has been read on Lady MCreepsta’s Horror Podcast/YouTube Channel.


Genre: Sci-Fi Horror

Format: Feature (75 pages)

Logline: An “underground railroad” but on another planet.
(Underground railroad: A secret network for helping slaves to escape.)

Synopsis: An immense black fortress stands amid a desert wasteland on a distant planet. Surrounding it is a vast network of lava tubes through which countless runaways have been shepherded to freedom. Dressed in rags, they were surgically stripped of their vocal cords by their captors to minimize organization and uprising. Stationed throughout the passageways are guides who assist runaways through its more treacherous regions. At the entrance is “Shoemaker,” a young woman who fits those who enter with footwear to begin their journey to the Promised Land—a mythical forest at the farthest edge of the desert. She comes to realize that the network had broken down decades before and that every runaway sent through had perished. With nowhere else to go, she and the remaining runaways seek a new way through with the hopes of reclaiming a path to salvation for their people.


Genre: Horror/Action

Format: Feature (90 pages)

Logline: Take a spooky haunted house but replace the screaming family with a battle-hardened U.S. Marine. But how can a soldier defeat an enemy that is already dead?

Synopsis: Discharged from the military, a disability leaves a Special Forces sergeant-major without the power of speech and nothing left to live for. After inheriting a house, he finds in the basement his grandfather’s laboratory. Locked within a chest, he discovers vials of a mysterious “liquid light.” Through its illumination, the shadows of ghosts are visible on the walls. A booby trap injects him with a dart filled with this same glowing substance. He finds his own shadow being ripped from his body and replaced with his grandfather’s soul. Using injections of “liquid light” and its antidote “liquid black,” characters switch between bodies, going back and forth between the physical world and the shadow world to do battle or escape.


Genre: Romantic Comedy

Format: Feature (95 pages)

Logline: The problems of being too ugly meet the problems of being too beautiful.

Synopsis: Agatha is a young woman of astonishing beauty—but who hates everything about it. Seeing her looks as mere genetic accident, she confronts problems every day that average people have no sympathy for. Always assumed by others to be an actress or model, she is lured to the same dream that brings thousands to Hollywood: to be a screenwriter. Her intense sex appeal, however, gets in the way of professional respect and even love. She encounters a self-conscious, plump guy named Hershel whom she assumes to be a fellow writer, but is actually an actor struggling to find work and love due to his less-than-classically-attractive appearance.


Genre: Supernatural Thriller

Synopsis: Through mysterious eyewear, a blind woman can see ghosts, but is unable to distinguish between the living and the dead. She glimpses Death itself stalking her and must discover why it has come for her.

Already produced, the feature-length supernatural thriller, Something in the Dark is what could be called a “talkless” film. Unlike a true silent film, it still contains recorded sound, but merely lacks dialogue and literally does not contain a single spoken word.

The aim is to create a more involving and creepy experience which plays exactly the same to any audience, regardless of what language they speak, without distracting subtitles or voice dubbing. This format is intended to be the next trend since the “found footage” craze began with The Blair Witch Project. This widens our market for the film, making it more profitable, while also saving time and money in prepping it for each geographic region. 

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Genre: Found Footage Parody

Synopsis: Set in turn of the century Transylvania, The Frankenstein Monster Project, a comedy feature, is presented as a silent film, complete with intertitles (printed dialogue shown within the scenes). Already produced, this film follows the journey of three Victorian-era student filmmakers on a quest to capture the first moving images of the infamous Frankenstein Monster. Their footage is found one year later and acquired by Lion’s Groin Pictures, a Hollywood studio known for its questionable editing practices.

Nominated by FANtastic Horror Film Festival 2022 for:

  • Best Documentary/Mocumentary
  • Best Actress in a Feature Film: Amanda Kaschak
  • Best Actor in a Feature Film: Jeff Dujardin
  • Best Supporting Actress in a Feature Film: Jennifer Robyn Jacobs
  • Best Music
  • Best Horror Comedy
  • Best Ensemble Cast

 WINNER: Best Actor in a Feature Film: Jeff DuJardin

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A short horror story read by Lady MCreepsta.