Steven Aguilera

F   i   l   m   m   a   k   e   r


Steven was born from artist parents. From his mid-teens, he produced photo-realistic drawings and is self-educated in most aspects of art, having also written the art instruction book, A New Perspective on depth and three-dimensional form.

His pre-filmmaking years focused on graphic design (digital and print), motion graphics and website design.

He has also worked in other mediums including airbrush, oil & acrylic painting, pastel (chalk & oil), colored pencil, photography and sculpture.

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Building the subject from scratch through twenty years of research, A New Perspective contains breakthroughs which redefine what Perspective is and how it really works. The majority of this book consists of new material not available in Perspective before with answers only hinted at over the centuries.

The most complete Perspective book ever written, included are a great many unique topics not conventionally covered such as motion, color, thinking in three dimensions, setting up shots, audio, best portraying people, camera lenses, distortion and much more.

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