Steven Aguilera

F   i   l   m   m   a   k   e   r


Steven Aguilera is an award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter with a focus on highly creative horror, science fiction and comedy. He has written seven feature scripts and has directed numerous short films and two features.

On his first major film project in high school, he served as a scenic artist on the Roman Coppola-produced horror feature Clownhouse, starring Sam Rockwell.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Steven now resides in Los Angeles and works as a full-time filmmaker while co-hosting the podcast, Dissecting Horror.

Steven is not as of yet a member of any guild or union.


Steven’s first two features are very near completion and soon will be seeking distribution opportunities:


Set in turn of the century Transylvania, The Frankenstein Monster Project, a comedy feature, is presented as a silent film, complete with intertitles (printed dialogue shown within scenes). The film follows the journey of three Victorian-era student filmmakers on a quest to capture the first moving images of the infamous Frankenstein Monster.

The subject matter parodies films such as The Blair Witch Project, Frankenstein, The Bride of Frankenstein and many others. Characters includes other classic horror favorites such as Dracula, The Wolfman and The Mummy.

Nominated by FANtastic Horror Film Festival 2022 for:

  • Best Documentary/Mocumentary
  • Best Actress in a Feature Film: Amanda Kaschak
  • Best Actor in a Feature Film: Jeff Dujardin
  • Best Supporting Actress in a Feature Film: Jennifer Robyn Jacobs
  • Best Music
  • Best Horror Comedy
  • Best Ensemble Cast

 WINNER: Best Actor in a Feature Film: Jeff DuJardin

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Through mysterious eyewear, a blind woman can see ghosts, but is unable to distinguish between the living and the dead. She glimpses Death itself stalking her and must discover why it has come for her.

A feature-length supernatural thriller, Something in the Dark is what could be called a “talkless” film. Unlike a true silent film, it still contains recorded sound, but does not contain a single spoken word. The aim is to create a more involving and creepy experience which plays exactly the same to any audience, regardless of their language, without distracting subtitles or voice dubbing. This format is intended to be the next trend since the “found footage” craze began with The Blair Witch Project. This widens our market for the film, making it more profitable, while also saving time and money in prepping it for each geographic region. 

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Steven has also written, directed and scored all episodes of the web series, One-Minute Scares for horror fans without a lot of time.


Steven has edited every film he has directed, including two features, using Adobe Premiere Pro, though is also learning DaVinci Resolve with its cutting-edge features and greater stability.

Two-time Gold recipient of the Communicator Award for excellence in editing, he has cut many dozens of TV commercials on topics such as voter measures and propositions, electoral campaigns, environmental issues, gaming, medical, and other general commercial topics.

His skills have also been applied to countless music videos, online ads, trailers, actor auditions, web series, talent reels, corporate videos, and documentaries.


For outstanding execution of a tricky concept, and for helping avoid a strike that would have hurt patients and workers, “Fitzgerald” was awarded the highest honor for “Best TV Ad” in the independent category at the 2020 Reed Awards and also won Steven a Gold Communicator Award for editing.


Steven’s efforts in editing four mini-documentaries in the Road to 30: Postcards series earned him a 2022 Gold Communicator Award.

The Center for Western Priorities is a nonpartisan conservation and advocacy organization that serves as a source of accurate information, promotes responsible policies and practices, and ensures accountability at all levels to protect land, water, and communities in the American West.


Since 2011, Steven has worked extensively in generating VFX for not only all of his own projects, but clientele with TV commercials, infomercials, web series, documentaries, online advertisements, music videos, corporate presentations, shorts and feature films.

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